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When it comes down to it, musicians want to do what they love; create and play music. At Amunson Audio, we keep it simple: Let the artists do what they do best! Because when you're trying to traverse the bureaucracy of the Music Publishing industry, you're not creating.

Amunson Audio's lead Music Publisher, Patrick Amunson, got his start in the Music Industry embedding Metadata for Sony ATV in Santa Monica, California. While working at Extreme Music / Bleeding Fingers, Patrick acted as the liaison between the marketing team & IT as well as client relations, conforming to the catalogs and ensuring the correct Splits percentages. Years of experience navigating the Music Industry, this has allowed him the opportunity to let musicians keep playing while he focuses on the business side.

Worldwide Publishing

Grow your audience globally! Music Publishing services include a globalized campaign that will introduce your music to new listeners around the world. In order to compete with today's musicians, you'll need to reach your fans across the planet and at Amunson Audio we tailor each artist's release strategy to reach potential listeners across the globe!

Featured Artists

You can listen to all of our currently signed artists on all of your favorite music streaming platforms!