DAW Training

In the modern world of music, nearly every sound goes through some sort of digital machine. And although there are millions of different types of digital audio workstations, they all follow the same rules. Whether you want to be a DJ or the world's next top Idol you must learn how to properly use your gear. There is so much that can be done "inside the box" that all you need to begin your musical career is a decent computer a pair of headphones.

Digital Audio Workstations Course Outline

  • MIDI
  • Outboard Gear
  • Tracking & Bouncing
  • Signal Flow & Wiring
  • Understanding Sound Waves
  • Troubleshooting
  • Compression
  • Mastering
  • Publishing
Tuition for DAW Lessons
  • 30 Minutes Lesson: $15 for On-Campus and Online DAW Lessons
  • 60 Minutes Lesson: $25 for On-Campus and Online DAW Lessons
    • Additional fees & charges may apply for In-Home Private Lessons

Live - Online DAW Lessons Available!

If you live outside of the La Crosse area, or you'd be more comfortable in the privacy of your own home, try the Online Digital Audio Workstation Training Lessons available.