Voice Lessons

Do you have a passion for singing and want to take your talents to the next level? Hone your vocal skills with personalized training for a competition or just karaoke night!


Piano Lessons

Whether you’re a child learning your first instrument, or an adult who has always wanted to play the piano but “just never had the time”, it’s never too late to start!


Music Theory & Sound Design

A vital foundation for every musician is knowing how to properly use all the tools available. This is the difference between amateur and professional sound!


DAW Training

Want to learn how to use that new beat machine you got for Christmas? Start composing today by learning how to run a Digital Audio Workstation using various music making software.


Music Makers

Amunson Audio’s Music Makers program was originally created as a way to introduce basic music lessons to students who are not currently enrolled in a formal music class.
It has since then evolved into a curriculum which focuses on childhood development in areas such as Computer Literacy, Confidence Building, Teamwork, and Multicultural Education.

In a rapidly globalizing world, it is important for students to see themselves reflected in their role models and adults with leadership roles in the community and music is an excellent way to stimulate the desire to express oneself and self-educate. Students who participate in the Music Makers program have shown an rise in not only their musical talent, but also their confidence and social skills.

Learn how any educational facility can incorporate the Music Makers program into the curriculium.

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Each lesson is specifically tailored to each student’s musical taste and experience.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to take up a musical instrument. Therefore, every lesson plan should be unique to each aspiring musician’s favorite genre.


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