Music Theory and Sound Design

Trained musicians can learn/create beautiful songs when they have a strong foundation of music theory. When you watch a pianist play it seems like their finger just automatically know where to go, however, instinct is half of the process. By understanding how sound harmonizes and is affected by its environment, each pupil will become more comfortable with the act of performing.

Music Theory and Sound Design Outline

  • Keys & Tones
  • Studio/Stage Environment
  • The Physics of Sound
  • Music History
  • Modern Technology & Sound
  • Sound Modulation & Manipulation
  • Music & Emotions
  • The Psychology of Music & Noise
Tuition for Music Theory and Sound Design Lessons
  • Music Theory & Technique is a vital tool in any musician’s arsenal and will all be included as part of all the available lessons.

Live – Online Lessons Available!

If you live outside of the La Crosse area, or you’d be more comfortable in the privacy of your own home, try the Online Lessons available.