What’s the Deal with 44.1kHz?

What’s the Deal with 44.1kHz?

December 5, 2017 Music 0


It has been a while since I've had a proper listening session with my headphones but tonight I decided to put them back on and zone out.

I've had three Crown Royals [likely doubles since Brenda was bartending] and on my way home I decided to put in a CD. I hadn't listened to 44.1k intentionally for years but tonight just had that right part of nostalgia and party for me to specifically pick out my only Incubus CD†.

I haven't listened to this album since I first got it when I was around 27 years old. Granted, I had listened to this song [and likely downloaded it at some point and time] but I hadn't actually developed an appreciation for the uniqueness of 44.1kHz. That isn't to say that I didn't spend hours at Suncoast, Blockbuster, or Best Buy; browsing through hundreds of CDs and DVDs throughout the afternoon and finally deciding on what to spend my cash on… I think my most memorable CD purchase would have to be Toxicity. I loved System Of A Down in Highschool and still enjoy listening to them but their awesomeness isn't this post's topic… (>.<)

44.1kHz in Stereo just gives the listener an experience one can only describe as "The 90's [and for those of you who don't know, the 90's didn't REALLY end until around 2007]. Like, just listen to a song like Anna Molly and you'll immediately be teleported back into the "90's era" of music. It's not just the style of music; it's how the highs are kinda distorted [bit-crushed] and the lows aren't overpowering everything else like you'll find in most of today's mixes. It's how the listener gets an intimate sound yet it's not QUITE the full frequency one would hear at a Live Concert or with today's 32bit float 96kHz recordings. What you get is a memory. You feel how you did when you first heard this song in your car with paper-coned speakers or a Sony Discmanᵒ.

Each generation claims that their format of media is the "classic" form. Well, I heard The Red hot Chili Peppers on 100.1 Classic Rock years ago so that just shows you that time is inevitable and eventually anything that is widely loved can be considered a "classic". Who knows? Perhaps future generations will think of our new Oculus VR consoles as clunky relics that only serves the purpose of a piece of nostalgia? Either way, whatever generation you're from, take out your favorite CD, Cassette Tape, 8-Track, or Vinyl; have a drink, and zone out! You won't regret it 😉

†As I sit here, confined to my chair, I wish I could remove my contacts but I refuse to interrupt Stellar!

ᵒShit, do ya'll remember those Minidisc players!? Whatever happened to them??


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