Company Overview – Music Publishing Services

What We Do:

Amunson Audio is dedicated to expertly handling global music distribution, royalty management, licensing, patent and copyright protection. Above all, our goal is to provide rising independent artists and musicians with a full range of music publishing services. Therefore we customize each campaign to meet their unique needs and help them achieve success. At Amunson Audio we stay ahead of the game with our use of innovative technology. This allows us to better understand our songwriters’ analytics and maximize results. In other words, we ensure the best possible experience for our artists and their fans alike.

Music Publishing and Licensing:

Innovative music publishing for independent artists

Amunson Audio provides comprehensive support for emerging artists and musicians. Our music publishing services include songwriter representation, global music distribution, royalty management, and worldwide licensing.

In addition, we collaborate with top global music agencies to offer our artists an extensive array of publishing and licensing opportunities around the world. Additionally, our efficient distribution and royalty management services maximize our clients’ earnings from their music!

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We are proud to announce that we have recently received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, reflecting our commitment to maintaining high standards of ethical business practices and customer satisfaction.

Amunson Audio LLC BBB Business Review