How much will it cost me?

Absolutely nothing! Amunson Audio will cover all the fees upfront as well as your initial campaign. Keep 100% of your Artist Royalties! We don’t make money unless you make money.

Do I need to have my content mastered?

It is preferable to have all your tracks mastered at the same time but if you’re unable to afford a mastering engineer, we will be able to provide one for the first release published with Amunson Audio.

I’m a singer / songwriter but need a beat. What can I do?

If you are a singer or songwriter who is in need of pre-produced music to sing over, we have an extensive library of content ranging from all genres like pop, electronica, hip-hop, r&b, country and many more!

Where will I be able to find my music?

Amunson Audio is a licensed affiliate with ASCAP and provides targeted campaigns for your release(s) on a global scale. Your track will be available to stream & purchase on dozens of popular music-streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and many more!

How will I get paid?

Once your music has been published through Amunson Audio, you’ll receive quarterly states in regards to your royalties percentage. You may choose to have your funds directly deposited into your checking account at the end of each fiscal quarter (within a 6 – 8 week time frame)

Can you produce an original track for me?

Should you need an original instrumental produced for your track, Amunson Audio can provide an experienced producer in the genre of your choice. Splits will be negotiated between artist(s) and producer(s) prior to signing the contract.