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January 13, 2016 Film Gaming 0

With the long-awaited release of “The Force Awakens” having come and gone back in December 2015, what will all of the millions of Star Wars fans (old and new) do in the meantime to keep their sanity? Well, there’s the new Battlefront game from EA that has proved to be an incredible, action-packed adventure for all the hardcore gamers out there. You’ll need either Sony PlayStation 4, a Microsoft Xbox One, or a rather beefy Gaming PC in order to properly enjoy the game’s stunning visuals and immersive sound design, but if you’re not a really a gamer and don’t really feel like spending an extra $100 for maps and upgrades after the sticker price of $60 for the game itself then what else is coming out soon to sate our feverous hunger for anything and everything Star Wars?


There are countless Star Wars branding options, anything from Mac & Cheese to even lipstick will now come fitted with a glorious graphic of one of your favorite heroes or droids. Hell, there’s even C3PO coffee creamer if your morning breakfast coffee desires to feel the force within. But I’m talking about something with more substance. What about all the other new releases on different platforms for fans of “The Wars”?

You can already see a variety of iOS and Android Star Wars themed games out on the marketplace. Tons of different types of gameplay that has already been released before but re-released to fit the Star Wars theme. Angry Birds Star Wars was a very entertaining game that utilized the original algorithm for the first game and tweaked it enough for the new edition to feel like an entirely new experience. Rovio’s use of Skywalker Sound’s library seamlessly added an immersive background soundtrack as well as exciting uses for such memorable sounds such as Lightsabers, TIE fighters, Jawas and so much more. Not quite as immersive as the new Battlefront game but that is to be expected considering the massive difference in hardware the two games are released on.

I suppose the most exciting release that is anticipated for the Star Wars franchise this year is the re-release of the original trilogy without any of the added scenes and special effects from the 90s releases. I am personally very happy to hear this because after recently re-watching episodes IV, V, and VI I realized just how horrible the added special effects were compared to what even a video game is capable of rendering live.
There is still some speculation as to when Disney will re-release the original trilogy but we can star wars rogue onesurmise
that it will be sometime this year before the new film “Rogue One” is released on December 16, 2016

Personally, I always thought that it would be fun if Disney ended up creating a separate park for each planet in the Star Wars universe and just have actors and puppets wandering around, going about their daily lives. You would trade in our global currency for Republic Credits at the entrance and then be allowed to walk about the park, star wars planetsbartering and relaxing with traders and scum on Tatooine, or camping out inside Tauntauns while feasting on their flesh on Hoth. Literally, the options for Disney to take the Star
Wars franchise is limitless and I, for one, and extremely excited to see how it will all come to fruition.


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